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Sinderella was originally formed by Debbie (Vocals) and Nigel (Bass) in late 2018 and although it's been quite the ride due to covid mostly and some spinal tap-esque happenings, we love performing our favourite music to other fans and we will most definitely continue to keep this music alive and kicking!

As true fans of the era, we recreate the sounds and the looks of the 80s with close attention to detail.

The band is composed of experienced and talented musicians, some of which have previously played in top touring tributes.

Consisting of powerful lead vocals, perfect for that 80s sound backed up by face melting guitars, thundering bass and hard hitting drums!


Covering the hottest bands that graced the Sunset Strip and MTV in the 1980s,

Sinderella bring rock's most decadent decade back to life!

Our current set list includes hits from:


Mötley Crüe


Guns N' Roses

Bon Jovi

Skid Row


Quiet Riot

Twisted Sister




White Lion


...... and many, many more.


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